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    1923 - Wenger Import Company started with Sam Wenger selling watches out of his apartment.

    1938 - Wenger’s Limited was established.
    1939 - Registered Gladstone Watches, made from Swiss parts.
    1939 - Registered Cardinal brand watches, mechanical watches using 17 jewels.

    1960’s - Wenger 's Limited brought men’s accessories to the Canadian market.

    1970's - Sam passed day-to-day operations of Wenger’s Limited to his two sons, Ike and Myer.
    1970's - Moved into state of the art, 38,000 square-foot headquarters.

    1980's - Cardinal brand increased its watch assortment to include LCD watches branded Cardinal Sports Quartz.

    1980's - Became premier sponsor of a leading race car in Formula Atlantic series racing.

    1990's - Introduced Wenger Swiss-made watches to Canada.
    1990's - Started selling the most extensive line of pocket watches in Canada.
    1990's - Created Citadel brand watches, affordable quality watches sold at fine independent retailers.
    1990's - Became official licencee of MLB, NHL and NBA watches in Canada.


    2000's - Introduced Citadel Nitlite push crown technology.
    2000's - Created Cardinal Zzzip! brand watches, colorful watches at an affordable price.

    2010's - Cardinal introduced state of the art affordable solar watches under the Cardinal Sun-ergy brand.
    2010's - Started partnership with Condor straps, a respected strap and bracelet company based in England.
    2010's - Started partnership with Danish Design watches of the Netherlands.
    2010's - Wenger's Limited now managed by the 3rd and 4th generations of the Wenger family.